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When Tara Foley’s grandma, Stasia, was put in hospice care in Naples, Florida, last winter, the head nurse asked the 102-year-old if she had any goals for the next few months.

She had one biggie on her list: To make it to Foley’s wedding in Austin, Texas, come June.

It was a lovely thought, but unlikely to happen: Given her advanced age and ongoing heart problems, doctors didn’t want Stasia flying anymore.
Foley knew in her heart that her grandma was still gung-ho on going, and probably holding on in the hopes that they’d make it happen somehow.
“My nana was always an extremely independent woman who did nearly everything on her own, but when her heart started to fail, she started to slow down,” Foley told HuffPost.

If Stasia couldn’t make it to the wedding, Foley was determined to give her the next best thing: Without anyone in her family knowing, the bride-to-be grabbed her unaltered wedding gown and flew from her home in Austin, Texas, to her grandmother in Florida.

She tapped local photographer Marie Kamp of Red Door Photography to take photos of the January 2019 visit, which was a total surprise for her grandma.

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